Our strategy

We are disciplined about our investment strategy and focused on opportunities which can benefit from our operational experience to drive performance.

The two fundamental criteria for Syntagma are that we understand the business well and that we are able to identify a clear path to value creation.

Value-oriented investment strategy

  • Syntagma seeks to combine access to inefficient markets with operational value creation in businesses facing an inflection point.
  • We work alongside first-class managers to improve middle-market businesses through a systematic process providing them with the operational and strategic tools needed to achieve the full potential of the company.
  • At every step along the way, our operating and finance professionals work alongside management to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement, increased profitability and strategic growth.
  • We have gone through up markets, down markets and everything in between and we know what it takes to be successful.

Investment criteria

  • Corporate divestitures / carve-out and family owned businesses
  • Control investment
  • European HQ with cross border or national
  • €50m to €750m in revenues