Environmental, Social, and Governance

Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into your investment strategy is not a should-do, but a must-do.

“We aim to create better companies that, besides financial success, have a long-term positive impact on society.”

Syntagma believes

  • As an active participant of society, we aim to create better companies that besides financial success, have a long-term positive impact on society.
  • As an investor, we believe that responsible to ESG behaviour has a positive influence on corporate and financial performance.
  • As a team, we believe that value is only relevant if long-term impacts and all stakeholders are taken into account.

Syntagma considers ESG factors from an opportunity, return and risk point of view and we encourage the companies in which we invest to adopt policies and practices that reduces their environmental impact, enhance their ESG values and reduces risk and enhance long-term corporate and financial performance.
Syntagma has integrated ESG matters in our due diligence process and portfolio management (supply chain, manufacturing process, logistic, among others…).

We have identified five key ESG topics as part of our commitment to improve our footprint.

  • Carbon emission
  • Diversity
  • Injuries
  • Renewable energy
  • Total waste produced