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Our values

At Syntagma, culture is paramount and we are committed to building a successful and durable environment which promotes diversity, openness and collaboration internally and with all our partners. Syntagma encourages its team at all levels to be entrepreneurial and open-minded.


We are committed to be the right partner for all our stakeholders


We keep everything we do simple, direct and transparent


We know how to take on big challenges and we enjoy seeing the results.


We are part of the community. As such we aim to be good citizen in everything we do.


Everyone can have a good idea which means together we are stronger

About Syntagma Capital

Founded in 2009 and based in Brussels, Syntagma invests in companies that can benefit from our hands-on operational expertise to accelerate growth and improve performance for all stakeholders.

We are true operators with experience working in and managing companies on a global scale, leveraging our in-house resources to develop successful strategies, execute them to realise their full potential and create sustainable long-term value.


Environmental, Social, and Governance commitment

As an active participant of society, we aim to create better companies that besides financial success, have a long-term positive impact on society.

As an investor, we believe that responsible attitude with respect to ESG has a positive influence on corporate and financial performance.

As a team, we believe that value is only relevant if long-term impacts and all stakeholders are taken into account.